Over 14 years experience in manufacturing wooden packaging materials

We guarantee consistently high-quality products for the lowest price and fast delivery of wooden packaging materials within 7 days to your address. Our total manufacturing capacity is over 50 loaded truckloads with wooden packaging materials per month. 

Wooden packaging company Mežāres A was founded in 2001. We manufacture our products from all types of wood used for packaging. Today we are over 50 professional employees working at our company. More than 2500 full truckloads are delivered to our costumers. 

Please include our contacts in your wooden packaging material suppliers list to forward us your daily quotes. We are happy to offer cheap pallet collars and smart solutions for growing your business. 

We manufacture transportation packing for companies in the metalworking industry, mechanical engineering, DIY industry, automotive industry, and packaging industry.

Our company is a member of the wood packaging industry since 2005. We are looking forward to meeting you to build up long term partnerships. 




delivery solutions to grow your business

MIXED delivery. For instance: Pallet Collars + other Wood Pallet Collars + Pallet lid = full MIXED delivery.

NOT FULL loads. Order small, order as much as you need [4 – 8 – 12 – 16] pallets of Wood Pallet Collars in truckload. 

SHARED delivery. Costumers place their small orders in one truckload and get the same price as ordering the full truck of Wood Collars.

Delivery to 2-3 UNLOADING addresses. To save your warehousing and transportation costs we split the delivery to more than one delivery address for you. 

Our company will STORE your Wood Pallet Collars or other Wooden Packaging Materials and organize fast delivery to any address you need. You will save your warehousing, transportation costs, and much more!

VARIETY OF SIZES. Manufacturing international standards and all Custom Size Wood Collars and Wooden Packaging Materials.

ACCESSORIES on our assortment: lids, dividers, distancers, plastics corners, label holders for Pallet Collars.

Product BRANDING. Printing logos and painting the Wood Collars.

Packing on euro pallets, on one-way pallets, and custom size pallets.

Supplying to every spot all over the world. We deliver just perfectly in time.

Delivery in 5-7 days to your address.

Fast and Friendly customer support – whenever you need us!

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