Get the Pallet Collar Price list for your business

Pallet Collar is a reliable packaging solution for storing and transporting products of different types and sizes. It’s easy to pack and protect products with Pallet Collar packaging.  

We manufacture Pallet Collars since 2005. 

We would like to send you the price list for Pallet Collar and other Wooden Packaging Materials directly from our manufacturing.

Delivery costs, discounts, and delivery terms will be included.

Frequently asked questions

Ar you Collar manufacturer?

Yes we are. We manufacture Wood Pallet Collars and other wood packaging since 2005.

What are your payments terms?

Payment is 14 – 30 days after the delivery. 

What are the prices for my address?

If you leave the e-mail above or contact us we will send you the full price list.

Do your Pallet Collars has rivets?

Yes that’s right. All Pallet Collars we manufacture has rivets. See product photos here.

Are your Pallet Collars NEW and certificated?

Yes. We manufacture new and certificated Pallet Collars with IPPC certificate and HT stamp. See certificates here.

Can I trust your Pallet Collars quality?

Yes you can. TOP quality is guaranteed and we have a product back guarantee. 

What is the delivery time?

We deliver in 5-7 days to your address.